Terms and Conditions

Thank-you for selecting us to perform an ultrasound scan. Please take note of the following:

Online Bookings:
1.You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly and the space is RESERVED.
2.We prefer a booking fee of R100 (non-refundable) which is deducted from the full tariff.
3.Balance paid on arrival- banking details below.
4.Fatima Gani ABSA BANK Savings BR 632005 ACC:9290245693
5.E-mail proof to Fatima@ultrasoundscan.co.za.
6.We have a cancellation policy of 24 hours.
7.Due to the nature of our service, exact booking times cannot be guaranteed.

2D Pregnancy scans
1. The scan is includes anatomy survey, foetal measurements and gender.
2. Detailed abnormality screening is between 19-24 weeks.
2. If an abnormality is identified, it will be discussed with you and you will be referred.
3. Certain major and minor birth defects may not visible on the scan.
4. A normal scan does not guarantee a normal baby at birth.
5. Technical difficulties can cause abnormalities to be overlooked.
6. Random discussion about the pregnancy cannot be considered as antenatal care.

2D & 4D Pregnancy Scans
1. 4D/HD Scans are live images, so that you can view your baby’s activities at that moment in time.
2. Our technology enables high definition pictures of foetal gestures and facial expressions.
2. The best images are obtained when there is sufficient amniotic fluid and no obscuring structures.
3. We try our best to obtain optimal images but certain unpredictable factors may prevent desirable pictures.
4. The DVD included is considered as memorabilia and not a diagnostic record.

4. In the interest of the patient and sonographer, accompanying guests must remain seated and non-disruptive.

Consent & General Information (applicable to ALL examinations)
1.I understand the nature of the ultrasound procedure, cost, purpose and limitations.
2.I understand that it is not an exact science and technical/operator limitations can occur.
4. A report will be given to you and you may discuss with your doctor.

You are billed for the scan, report, time and operation costs. Refunds under any circumstances are NOT applicable.


If you one of our many happy patients, drop us a compliment on Fatima@ultrasoundscan.co.za.

If for some reason you are unhappy with our service, we would like to make it up to you. Follow these simple steps.Call Fatima – 0846806792. Have the following information ready:

Are you unhappy with the reception/bookings/waiting time or are you unhappy with the outcome of the scan.
Read the above terms and familiarise yourself with the technical limitations of scans. Be sure that you did not have unrealistic expectations of the scan led to a disappointment. Remember socializing with partners or family members is NOT a professional requirement.

NB: The sonographer is also limited professionally in what she can assist you with so be aware that any questions which fall out of her scope of practice, will not be answered and this cannot be misunderstood as unfriendly or not willing to assist. She will remain to the point.Discuss your grievance and we will try our utmost best to assist or rectify the problem should there be a genuine issue.

We WILL NOT tolerate any attempts to deface our company by slander, blackmail or harassment on social networks or any other complaints forum. Should this be the case, our attorneys reserve the right to open a case of defamation against you. We have years of working experience and are sure to make you happy if procedures are followed correctly.

Read the Questions & Answers section for more information

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