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Fatima Gani Profile

Fatima Gani

Chief Diagnostic Sonographer


Radiography – Nat. Dip. Radiography (1994)

Ultrasound – B-Tech Ultrasound Cum Laude (1999) – University of Johannesburg

Ultrasound Specialist B-Tech U/S – Cum Laude

Accreditation Number: PR 0292397

Expertise: 4D Ultrasound, Abdominal, Breast, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Pelvic Pain, Pregnancy Ultrasounds, Sonar, Thyroid, Ultrasound, Vascular

Fatima Gani is also the owner and clinical director of the Vitality Medical Centre as well as a Multi-disciplinary Ultrasound Specialist in private practice. She is a qualified trained ultrasound specialist also known as a sonographer whose primary interest is to provide affordable pregnancy and general diagnostic scans. She provides an ultrasound service in the South of Johannesburg where her scanning skills coupled with her value-based business approach has produced a successful ultrasound practice. She has changed many lives, has contributed to industry publications and has become an integral part of the local medicine community.

Her training in public and private academic hospitals presents skills and expertise in all aspects of ultrasound applications. She obtained her degree with full distinction and was rewarded with a “medal of excellence” by the university of Johannesburg. She follows well-defined safety protocols and is committed to continuous practical, technical and academic advancement.

She was selected to appear on the television series I-LIFESTYLE and well-known actor RIAD MOOSA’S DOCTORS ORDERS which was aired on SABC 1 & 3. Technology paired with medical benefits of ultrasound was impressively showcased i on these popular programs.

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