Doppler Scans

Doppler studies examine and measure the blood flow of arteries or veins in various parts of the body. Special software is required for these scans.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)- clot in the deep venous system which most commonly happen in the legs causing pain, redness and swelling. This condition has a risk of clot travelling to the lungs (pulmonary embolus) which can be fatal.

Varicose veins- dilatation of the superficial venous system can cause congestion, swelling or thrombophlebitis.

Carotid dopplers- study of the arteries in the neck to establish obstruction (plaque formation) of flow to the brain. These patients may have had a major or minor (transient ishchaemic attack) stroke.

If deep vein thrombosis is suspected, book immediately. Wear comfortable clothing which can be easily removed.

Results are immediate and a written report is given to you to take to you.
Please see term and conditions for more information.

R1200.00 per limb 
Carotid- R1300

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