Foetal Growth Scans (25 – 36 Weeks)

Foetal growth scans are a series of follow up measurements and anatomy screening but focuses on growth and abnormalities that manifest at later stages of the pregnancy.It is performed using a conventional 2D Scan or combined 2D/4D Scan.

The scan is performed between 25-36 Weeks of gestation

There is no need to have a full bladder at this stage. Bring all previous records and blood tests. Inform the sonographer if there has been any concerns or clinical changes.

The scan is performed by placing an ultrasound transducer with jelly on your abdomen.
The following will be examined:

  1. Measuring the baby’s head, abdomen and femur bone
  2. Assessing the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby
  3. Observing the baby’s activity
  4. Measuring the blood flow in the umbilical cord using Doppler ultrasound if necessary
  5. Recording the position of the placenta

Follow-up scan at 38 weeks if necessary

If you opt for a combined 4D Scan, see “4D Scans” for more information.
A report will be given to you to take to your doctor, midwife or clinic.
See “TERMS and CONDITIONS” & “QUESTIONS & ANSWERS” for additional information.

Interesting facts
* The lungs begin to secrete surfactant which help keep the lungs open.
* Subcutaneous fat forms under the skin and the foetus begins to exhibit characteristics.
* The foetus weighs approximately 2-2.5kg and about 35-45cm long.
* The foetus has a sleep-wake cycle.

2D-R950, 4D Package- R1100, HD Live Package- R1200


  1. Detailed Anatomy screening & Foetal Measurements
  2. Gestational Age and Foetal Weight
  3. Estimated Due Date
  4. Gender screening (position dependent)
  5. Diagnostic report
  6. Thermal prints (3-5),
  7. Live DVD & CD ( still images) optional – R50 each

Follow up scan – 36-40 weeks

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