Foetal Well-being Scans (36 – 40 Weeks)

Fetal well-being scans or 3rd trimester pregnancy scans involve the assessment of foetal growth, foetal weight, activity, amount of amniotic fluid that is present, blood flow patterns in the cord, placental location and overall fetal well-being. This test assesses the well-being of the baby by evaluating whether the baby is getting enough oxygen, observing foetal body movement, breathing movement and tone, the amniotic fluid volume and heartbeat.

Foetal well-being scans will generally be performed between 36 and 40 weeks of your pregnancy. Nearly there!

A full bladder is not necessary. Inform the sonographer if there has been any concerns or clinical changes.
Things to bring along to your appointment:

  1. Previous scans from this pregnancy
  2. Doctors note (If available)
  3. Your Big Belly

The Sonographer will apply gel over your abdomen and run the transducer over the abdominal area to obtain images of the baby. Visualization is limited but the sonographer will attempt to see as much as possible. Imaging is dependent on foetal position, amniotic fluid and placental position. A report will be given to you to take to your doctor, midwife or clinic.

See ‘TERMS & CONDITIONS” and QUESTIONS & ANSWERS for more information.

Interesting facts
* The foetus is full term and will development is complete.
* It weighs approximately 2.5-3.5kg and about 45cm ling.
* The baby has about 100 billion nerve cells.
* The head and abdominal circumference is almost the same.
* Most babies will engage the head into the pelvis.

2D-R950, 4D Package – R1100, HD Live- R1200
4D/HD Live can still be done if position and amniotic fluid is favourable.


  1. Fetal Biometry (measurements),
  2. Foetal Weight
  3. Estimated due date (not accurate at this stage)
  4. Placental position,
  5. Amniotic fluid volume
  6. Fetal Position
  7. Thermal prints- 2D
  8. Gender screening (position dependent)

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