Pregnancy Scan (14-18 weeks)

This scan is a routine evaluation of the foetus focusing mainly on well-being.

This scan is performed between 14-18 weeks.

The baby measures approximately 10-20cm and the foetus start to resemble a human being. The head is still large in proportion to the body and there is little evidence of fat and muscle. The foetus will exhibit bony formation rather than soft tissue. The limb movements are frequent and coordinated and mum begins to feel ‘butterflies’. Gender is recognisable but entirely dependent on position. Results are immediate and a report will be given to you for your doctor, midwife or clinic.

See ”TERMS & CONDITIONS” & “QUESTIONS & ANSWERS” for more information.

Interesting facts
* Basic development is completed and baby will grow and mature in size.
* The placenta filters oxygen and nutrients, produces progesterone and maintains foetal body temperature.
* The nervous system exercises body control and blood vessels are developing rapidly.
* The eyes face forward and the ears are almost in their final position.
* The foetus starts to respond to exterior sound.

2D-R650, 4D Package R950, HD Live -R 1100
DVD- R50- optional with all scans.
4D/HD Scans at this stage show amazing detail and able to see most of the baby with movement on one image.


  • Foetal Measurements = Head, Abdomen & Femur bone.
  • Foetal weight
  • Estimated due date
  • Anatomy screening
  • Gender screening (position dependent)
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Placental location

Follow-up scan is 19-24 weeks anomaly scan

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